Frequently Asked Questions

The Touch of Italy (TOI) Rewards program is a loyalty program where guests earn points for purchases made at any Touch of Italy location. Guests are identified by their mobile number or email and can receive offers and discounts when purchasing products online or in-store at Touch Of Italy. Guests can check their account, track points received, and redeem points for rewards at checkout online or in a Touch Of Italy location.

Guests can enroll in the program once they have signed up for the online ordering app. This can be achieved on our website or through our online app available on Google Play or Apple App Store. Or signup at the following link:

Guests can access the Program by scanning this icon with their smartphone camera and follow the posted link:

No, only one number per account. Your phone number and email are your Reward Points identifications for applying Reward Points to your check.

Guests can sign up on the internet using their personal computer and download the app there using this link:

Guests can check their current point balance on the app dashboard in their Rewards tab. Points can also be checked in our restaurant by the server using the guest's phone number or email address.

Reward Points are earned by calculating your check total. Points are awarded for every dollar spent on your online order or check total. Points are not awarded on tax, delivery, or service charges.

One point is awarded for every ($1) one dollar spent. Rewards are offered for every 150 points amassed in your account. Each time you achieve 150 points in your account you will receive a $10 redeemable reward. This means every additional 150 points you earn adds $10 to your reward balance. You can choose to redeem your points as they are presented or you can save them to use for larger rewards in the future. Unused points do not expire annually, however, bonus points for special TOI Offers may have an expiration date on them. Once you redeem points, they are no longer in your balance.

You can use your points at any location during business hours and online whenever mobile ordering is open.

You have 14 days from your purchase to provide a receipt to the manager of that location to have your points applied to your account.

Guests can view special offers on the app dashboard in their Rewards tab. Offers can also be checked in our restaurant POS by the server using the guest's phone number or email address. You also have the option to receive text or email notifications about available rewards.

You would only lose that email or text message. Your rewards will remain intact in your account and can be accessed online where you can reset your text and email preferences in your settings tab. Your special offers are always valid until their expiration date.

You can select and redeem your points several ways:

  • When you receive your check at the restaurant, you can let the server know you would like to use your points for all or part of that purchase. The server can check your available rewards.
  • If paying at the register, show the server or clerk your rewards on your smartphone or have them check your available rewards by giving them your mobile phone number, email address, or name. They can apply the rewards for you.
  • When purchasing online for takeout, you will be presented your available reward options for selection upon checkout.

Yes, the following are restrictions for the Reward Points program:

  • Reward Points are only to be redeemed for food and non-alcoholic beverages.
  • Reward Points may not be used for happy hour specials or for our seasonal discounted specials.
  • Reward Points may not be used on Saturdays, New Year’s Eve, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, and Easter.
  • Rewards Points are not issued for tips and cannot be used to pay tips.
  • Rewards Points are not issued for sales taxes and cannot be used to pay sales taxes.
  • Rewards Points are not earned with purchases made with a gift card.
  • Special offers cannot be combined with other discounted specials or offers, or promotions and must comply with the terms and conditions stated in the offer.
  • Reward Points cannot be redeemed for alcohol purchases.

Reward Points are awarded to the gift card purchaser. Reward Points cannot be applied to purchases made by using gift cards. Use of Holiday bonuses and gift certificates do not receive Points Rewards.

Open your Smartphone app and select the “Rewards” tab at the bottom. You will see your rewards. If on a computer, go to the Touch of Italy website and click on the “Rewards” tab. Login, then you can view your rewards dashboard.

No. Redemption values can only be applied to the current transaction. They cannot be taken in the form of cash back or gift cards.

Your personal information as well as your message settings can be adjusted in the “Settings” tab on the bottom of your app screen.

The earned Reward Points on your account never expire and will carry over from year to year as long as this Rewards program exists.

Members with a birth date on their member profile will receive a Birthday Reward prior to your Birthday.

The special offers are valid for the length of time stated in the offer, which varies from offer to offer.

Only one special offer per check.

Points will be applied to only one Reward Points account per transaction.

Only one.

Once points are used, your balance is reduced by the number of points used.